We believe that the best science is the nature. Learn about our ground-breaking discoveries in rejuvenation with the beauty world.


Our technology is backed by over 30 years of pioneering growth factors research, conducted at our life science institute, which has registered 309 patents globally for innovations that have revolutionized regenerative medicine. Based on these breakthroughs, NAIIAN patented the NAIIAN Growth Factor Matrix, a powerful blend of 250 growth factors, one of the highest concentrations of growth factors in the skincare industry today. A toast to youth, our potent cocktail stirs up skin’s natural rejuvenation process.


Our growth factors are leaps and bounds beyond ordinary ones. They boast “pluripotent” superpowers, shape-shifting abilities that enable them to transform into different kinds of cells for the purpose of targeting areas of damage. These versatile growth factors respond to the needs of different types of cells on skin, bringing the right kind of nourishment and repair to the right cells at the right time.

Our pluripotent cocktail triggers skin’s memory of youth, reminding it of the way it once was. By rewinding time, the original beauty of skin is recaptured. Read more


Active ingredients can only do their job if they’re delivered into skin. That’s where our exclusive DNA Water comes in, a major differentiator from other brands because it rushes the ingredients into skin. Blended with DNA Water, the NAIIAN Growth Factor Matrix is recognized by skin and readily absorbed so it can work its magic. Read more

How is our product different?

NAIIAN Growth Factor Matrix

Patented technology with full spectrum of growth factors & immune factors

Growth factors: EGF, PDGF, HGF, bFGF, TGF-β, Collagen type 1, GDF-11, VEGF

Cytokines: IL-6, IL-11, CINC-1, CINC-2alpha, CINC-3, LIX, MCP-1, TIMP-1,G-CSF, GM-CSF

Proven to be superior in wound healing

Chemical Compounds

Oligopeptides, Glutathione,

Hyaluronic acid

Directly applied chemicals are usually poorly absorbed

Before and After of the Skin Barrier after 30 days of using our serum. Skin Barrier looks thicker.
Before and After of the Skin Barrier after 30 days of using our serum. Skin Barrier looks thicker.


NAIIAN transforms skin on a profound level. It treats multiple issues at once, such as wrinkles, dryness, dullness and sagging, for the total visible rejuvenation of skin.

Your cells create plenty of collagen when you’re young but their productivity slows down with every year that goes by. As we age, processes inside your cells, combined with environmental factors, such as toxins, pollutants and even your diet, degrade the structure of your cells, deplete your collagen stores and damage your skin. The changes show up as expression lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and thin, sagging, fatigued skin.

The NAIIAN Growth Factor Matrix and DNA Water work in tandem to correct these signs and awaken skin’s natural restorative power. View our user’s before & after.


Long-term moisturizing effects hydrate skin and heal dryness all day. DNA Water combines forces with the nutrient-packed plant purslane to soothe stressed skin and nurture it back to wellness. The NAIIAN Growth Factor Matrix stems the tide of changing skin, with 250 growth factors that support the production of collagen and fibroblasts to increase elasticity and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A lifting effect helps stop the downward spiral, elevating natural contours to restore a firm, youthful look. A brightening action revives luminosity as it diminishes the appearance of dark shadows to leave skin radiant and refreshed. Powerful protection keeps vulnerable skin out of harm’s way, defending against environmental stress factors that can damage and wrinkle skin.

Skin appears visibly uplifted, luminous and rejuvenated, more like it looked in its youth.


First used in the heath, wellness, food and agricultural industries, the cutting edge technology behind DNA Water has been used to treat chronically dry skin, strengthen natural healing, promote plant growth, improve crop harvest, make and preserve healthy, nutrient-dense foods.