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NAIIAN and its top of the line competitor Eye Lifting Serum which cost 3 times more were distributed in the same bottle, blinded with 3 digit number as label. 26 testers ages 21-57+ applied NAIIAN on left eye and L company on right eye once a day for 30 days and below are the results.

Which formula appears to reduce wrinkles better?

50% of people voted for NAIIAN compaired to 31.5% of people voited for L company

Overall, more than double the users preferred NAIIAN to L company's comparable Eye Serum.
NAIIAN was preferred to L company's — over 2 to 1

Users felt that as compared to our leading competitor L company, NAIIAN's texture was better, it was more moisturizing, worked better and was more effective, and did not cause stinging

Users found NAIIAN to reduce wrinkles and lines better than L company's comparable Eye Serum

I would continue to use NAIIAN because of the moisturizing effect and the way it soothed my skin

- Arama, CA

DISCLAIMER Wrinkles in the photots are unretouched and are all taken by the user. Individual Results may vary.